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The Cleaners Bristol Section is for any blog articles about Cleaning Bristol offices. There are some amazing facts about the importance of Bristol Cleaning and they are all contained in our Bristol Cleaners blog section.
Everything from articles about what is dust made up from to facts about how many work days are lost each year due to staff sickness caused by poor office cleaning and how important it is to ensure you hire a cleaning company Bristol that delivers a great job – time after time.

As professional cleaners Bristol based we aim to please our customers and have an unblemished track record. We can offer advice, share tips with you, and help you keep down the cost of your cleaning. From learning about allergens or the nasty chemicals in traditional cleaning supplies, we can show you how to create a healthy working environment and a workforce that is healthy too.

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Cleaners Bristol: Office Cleaning Facts

Here are some facts about Office Cleaning that highlight the importance of ensuring your cleaners Bristol or anywhere in the country, are doing a thorough job… 25% of water cooler buttons pose a serious risk of illness transmission. 50% of office telephones pose a serious risk of illness transmission. 75% of taps in office lavatories […]

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5 Valuable Tips When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company in Bristol

Choosing a commercial cleaning company in Bristol is not just about price and efficiency. It is about trustworthiness, especially that companies use sensitive equipment and facilities and give utmost importance to confidentiality. Here are five valuable tips to help you when choosing a commercial cleaning company in Bristol. 1 – Choose an eco-friendly commercial cleaning […]

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