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organic cleaning products

Organic Cleaning Products : How to go Green

Organic cleaning products are widely available on the market today. As the owner of a commercial premise, you should go green when it comes to your cleaning regime. If you employ a commercial cleaning team, then make sure that they use only eco-friendly cleaning products. Correct disposal of chemical cleaning products is also essential if […]

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cleaning chemical companies

Cleaning Chemical Companies : Green Cleaning Alternatives

If you’re looking to get your home, or business, spotlessly clean, cleaning chemical companies that specialise in cleaning will almost certainly be able to help. Professional cleaning chemical companies have access to the best cleaning solutions and tools that money can buy, yet there is a concern amongst some people. As these companies use chemicals […]

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green cleaning products

Green Cleaning Products for an Ecological Clean

Green cleaning products are not only popular but the best products to use for your clean. When you contract the services of your best local commercial and industrial cleaning team, they will do their utmost to ensure that their cleaning regime will not be detrimental to the environment.  To cut through grease and grime, […]

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commercial cleaning equipment

Commercial Cleaning Equipment For Custodians: Greener, Cleaner, Faster

The traditional image of the janitor wielding a mop, bucket, and rags, may soon become a thing of the past; today, specialised commercial cleaning equipment is fast revolutionising the contract cleaning industry, allowing custodians to achieve a level of thorough cleanliness with an efficiency impossible to achieve with manual tools. Commercial cleaning equipment for restroom […]

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janitorial cleaning supplies

Janitorial Cleaning Supplies: Why Go Green?

Janitorial cleaning supplies cover an astonishing array of purposes; the typical custodian works with hard surface cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, floor cleaners and degreasers, dishwasher detergents, floor strippers, disinfectants, glass polishers, carpet and upholstery cleaners, and spot removers designed to handle tough stains. All totalled, this translates into a massive amount of harmful chemicals being […]

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Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Basic Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your place of business clean is important if you want to maintain a comfortable area that is conducive for working. You, as well as your workers and staff, will not be inspired to work if your environment is cluttered or has a musty smell that can distract you as you go about your daily […]

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