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Choice Cleaning are window cleaning experts in Bristol and Somerset. From ground floor windows to high rises, we have the equipment and knowledge to get your windows clean. We can provide solutions for you that use the most up to date techniques for window cleaning. From cherry pickers to jet washing, our cleaning team love windows that shine.

Window cleaning is just one area of cleaning that we can take care of for you. Our jet washing equipment can also be used for car parks, graffiti removal, and for the cleaning of exterior areas of your premise. With the power and technology to get your windows clean, we lead the way in the Bristol area. Our blog section on windows covers the services we offer as well as tips on keeping your windows clean for longer in between our visits. First impressions always count, so choose Choice Cleaning for a first impression that really shines.

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Bristol Window Cleaning : Common Errors to Avoid

In the South West, office complexes up and down the region are benefiting from the expert services offered by Bristol window cleaning companies, and when you see the results for yourself, you will almost certainly want the same for your business. You may think that cleaning windows is a piece of cake, and when you […]

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Window Cleaning Bristol: Why Hire A Pro?

When undertaking window cleaning Bristol homeowners often favour a “DIY” approach: Once or twice a year, when they notice their windows getting intolerably filthy, they haul out a ladder and some glass cleaner and go to work… Often just to find themselves staring at streaky, smudged-looking windows again a week or two later. Unbeknownst to […]

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Window Cleaning in Bristol : Useful Tips

In the business world, window cleaning in Bristol is proving to be extremely popular, especially in larger buildings that have more than one level. If you’ve ever tried cleaning windows yourself, you’ll know right away that the entire process is not as easy and as simple as professionals, such as window cleaning in Bristol companies, […]

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Affordable Window Cleaning for your Office Block

Affordable window cleaning is essential for any office block. Whether you have a few windows or a large glass front to your office, people will take note of how clean your glass is. Streaky and dirty customers will put of potential clients, and you will go down in the estimation of your customers before you […]

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Window Cleaning Services for your High Rise Office

Window cleaning services available from your Bristol commercial cleaning experts can make your business shine. When someone visits you at your office, they will take note of your windows, and dirty or grimy windows will reflect your business in a very bad light. This said, you may think that cleaning windows when your office is […]

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Bristol Window Cleaning That Reaches New Heights

Many business owners are happy to try and save a few pounds by getting their employees to take care of most of the cleaning that needs to be done around the workplace. This is not something that generally sits very well with the employees, especially when they know that professional cleaning services are more affordable […]

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