Cleaning Chemical Companies : Green Cleaning Alternatives

If you’re looking to get your home, or business, spotlessly clean, cleaning chemical companies that specialise in cleaning will almost certainly be able to help. Professional cleaning chemical companies have access to the best cleaning solutions and tools that money can buy, yet there is a concern amongst some people. As these companies use chemicals and cleaning solutions, there is a risk that they could be damaging the environment.

Well, the good news is that the cleaning experts realised this a long time ago, which is why they are now using chemicals and solutions that are much safer and healthier for the environment, whereas some have gone completely green altogether. Did you know however, that the chemicals you use at home could be damaging the environment, as well as your own health if you aren’t careful? If this is a concern to you, here are a few green cleaning methods and alternatives to harmful chemicals and toxins, that work just as well.

cleaning chemical companies

Soap and Water

Yes, believe it or not, but regular washing up liquid and hot water are actually marginally more hygienic and effective at destroying bacteria than bleach. Washing up liquid contains surfactants that help to easily remove dirt and grease, whilst thorough scrubbing will remove bacteria and microbes that may be clinging to the surface. The water must be hot, and by hot, we mean as hot as your hands can handle, as cold water does not kill bacteria properly. Once clean, give your pots a good rinse, drain, and dry with a clean tea towel.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is such a powerful and effective cleaning agent that cleaning chemical companies are actually making use of this ingredient more commonly than ever before. White vinegar is perfect because its strong acidity instantly kills germs and microbes that could be harmful to your health, plus it contains compounds that lift off surface dirt and grease, and leaves your surfaces looking cleaner and shinier than ever before. For cleaning glassware, your windows, and polishing up your metals, a simple vinegar/water solution works wonders.

Regularly Wash Dish Cloths

Remember, germs and bacteria thrive in dark, warm, and moist locations so ironically, the cloth you use to clean your pots and pans and other household items, could actually be spreading even more germs. Ideally you should try to wash your dish cloths every other day, though you can actually soak them in hot water and soap before microwaving them, to help destroy bacteria living on them. Try to remove as much moisture from them, never leave them sitting for days, and don’t try to make do with just one. Get plenty, as that way you can rotate them as necessary whilst you wash them.

Borax – Borax works wonders for cleaning, and it is a naturally-occurring, environmentally safe compound in the process. Borax, which comes in powdered form, can be used to soften water, it can be used to make laundry fresher, or it can be used as a cleaning, or even a bleaching agent. Cleaning chemical companies looking to cut back on their carbon footprint have really embraced borax over the years.

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