Cleaning Service Bristol for Outdoor Spaces

A cleaning service Bristol does not have to mean the cleaning of an office or commercial unit. There are many areas of the outside of your build that you should also make sure you take care of. After all, when potential clients or customers arrive at your premise, they will see what’s on the outside first. Below are a few places that you should keep clean and that can be maintained by your Bristol experts for you.

Cleaning Service Bristol for Windows

Your windows will reflect not just the sunlight but also your personality and your business as a whole. Anyone who is serious about making a good impression will keep their windows sparkling. You may think that you can do this job yourself, but you will never make as good a job of it as the professionals. If your windows are high up, you should also never attempt to clean them yourselves with a traditional ladder. As well as being dangerous, you will make an impression that is anything but professional to those who see you.

Car Parking Facilities

If your commercial premise has its own car park, you need to ensure that it is kept clean. Oil spills look ugly, and weeds growing between concrete slaps leave a lasting bad impression. To successfully clean your car park, call in your cleaning service Bristol experts. They have the technology to lift out even ground-in dirt and stains, using industrial machinery. A clean car park is a must for any serious business owner. When clients come to visit you, before they even get the chance to check out your windows, they will check the state of your car parking facilities.

cleaning service Bristol


Graffiti is annoying and unsightly, and if your premise does not have CCTV, you may be targeted. The attack will most likely not be personal, but the graffiti will look ugly all the same. Favourite places for graffiti artists to strike are on shutters and walls. Although your shutters will be opened during the day, you should still call in your Bristol experts to remove the offending words or drawings. People will pass by your premise at night when the shutters are down. Removal of graffiti is easy for your Bristol experts.

Powerful jet washing is just one cleaning service Bristol they have on offer. As well as jet washing your shutters, ask for your walls to be cleaned. They will come up cleaner than you would first imagine, and it only takes a few minutes and little disruption to have the entire exterior of your premise jet washed.

These are just a few examples of exterior areas you should always aim to keep clean. If you are a hotel proprietor, you may also like to have your tennis courts or outdoor play areas regularly cleaned. As a publican with a beer garden, keeping your outdoor furniture clean is also tremendously important. One call to your Bristol cleaning experts and you can get things moving, ensuring that your premise is always looking its very best.

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