Commercial Cleaning Prices : How Much Should you Pay

When it comes to commercial cleaning prices, you will find an enormous amount of services on offer. Some may be as cheap as eight pounds per hour; others will be 15 or more. So, how much should you pay for your office or other commercial premise to be cleaned? Read on to find out how to make sure you are paying the right price and for the right team of Bristol commercial cleaners.

Commercial Cleaning Prices : Why Cheapest is Not Always Best

Running a business involves having a budget that you will need to stick to. This means that you will constantly be on the lookout for ways to save money. But one area you should not try and scrimp and save on is your cleaning. Your office or other commercial premise says a lot about you. If your office is not clean, people won’t want to do business with you. You cannot afford to pay for a mediocre service; you need the best.

Commercial Cleaning Prices

So, let’s take a look at something interesting. The different prices cleaners charge for the same service. If you compare commercial cleaning prices with domestic cleaners in Bristol you will also find a big difference. Interestingly a cleaner that visits your home will normally charge more. So, definitely something to avoid. For commercial cleaning you should only ever use professionals who are qualified to clean office and other commercial working environments.


So, let’s look take a look at why prices can differ from one company to the next. You will also find differences in price depending on the city you live in. It won’t come as much of a surprise that London cleaners are more expensive than those in rural villages. But, one difference in price you will pay will depend on whether a supervisor is present or not.

A supervisor is a service worth paying for. This way you will be sure that the cleaning will be carried out professionally and that no areas will be missed. If you opt for a service where a supervisor will be present, expect to pay upwards of ten pounds per hour.

The amount you pay will also depend on the services you require. If you expect out of hours cleaning, this can be more expensive. Some companies will however charge the same regardless of the schedule you set. So, if you need cleaning late at night or at weekends look for a company that charges a flat rate.

One Off Cleans and More

The price you pay for your office to be cleaned will generally be set at a standard hourly rate. It is difficult to put a figure on this, but for arguments sake let’s say 12 pounds per hour. This amount will however vary if you require a deep clean or a one off clean. A one off clean is a good service to order for end of lease cleaning. Deep cleaning is generally more often ordered for food premises and those which get dirty a lot quicker. At the end of the day, you will get what you pay for, and to ensure a decent standard of Bristol commercial cleaning, do some background research and don’t just opt for the cheapest.


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