Commercial Office Cleaning Companies : Office Refit Tips

If you run a business from an office, overtime, things will begin to look outdated. You will use the best commercial office cleaning companies to ensure your workspace is always clean and tidy. But, your furniture and fittings will start to look dated. With the introduction of so many electronic devices, there will be ugly cables everywhere. You may also have the problem that your office is not disability-friendly. So, what can you do to bring your office into the 21st century and to ensure it looks great for both your clients and your work colleagues?

Commercial Office Cleaning Companies : Deep Cleaning

When you decide to refit your office, you will need the services of a commercial office cleaning company. A deep clean can be carried out before or after your refit. Before your refit, you may ask one of your local commercial office cleaning companies to deep clean carpets and upholstery. Depending on results, you will then have to go on to make the decision as to whether you need to replace these items or not. At the end of the refit, a deep clean is essential in order to get rid of all building dust, and grime created by workmen.

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Open Office Spaces

Your local office cleaning specialists in Bristol are far more than just cleaners. They know what makes an office green, and a healthy space within which to work. More and more offices nowadays are using open office working setups. These allow for team work, and also ensure that your office is bright and airy and welcoming. Your open office space should contain some greenery too. This will brighten up your workspace, and will also create natural sound absorption material. An open office can be a noisy place, especially if you are used to a closed office or cubicle environment.

Go Green

When refitting your office out, it is the perfect time to go green. A green office is a healthy working environment and one where your employees will take less sick days. Chemical cleaners should be banished, and all cleaning products used and stored in your janitorial cupboard should be green. Bleach and other chemicals are dangerous, and can cause flare-ups of asthma, skin problems, and much more.

Going green in your office also means ensuring you use recycled paper and cut back on unnecessary waste wherever possible. Ensure you recycle your old ink cartridges in the correct manner, and that you go paperless as much as you can.


Your new office will not be the same as your new one, so you will need to renew the cleaning contract you have with one of the local commercial office cleaning companies. A new checklist will ensure that your new office will stay clean for longer. If you have divided up spaces or created new areas, these need to be added to your new cleaning checklist.

Areas that should be kept clean in your office include your floors, windows, furniture, bathrooms, kitchen, and all surfaces. Modern offices should always provide a home from home style for their employees. This means providing a kitchen that of course will need to be cleaned.

Keeping on top of the cleaning of your new office should be high on your list of priorities. Before you commence your refit, you may like to take some photos of what your old office looked like. Once you look back, you may cringe at how dirty or disorganized your old office was. Dark and dusty offices are bad not just for health but also for staff morale, and your office refit will yield an excellent ROI.

Local commercial office cleaning companies can help you with your cleaning before, during, and after your office fit out. When you plan your refit in advance, the least disruption will be caused to you and your working environment. You should never intend to tackle the cleaning of your office after a refit yourself. Every minute that you are not open and trading is a potential lack of income for you and your brand.


Refitting your office may seem like a big step to take, but it is a decision you won’t regret. Ensure you discuss your needs with your commercial cleaning team before you start. Cancel any scheduled cleans, ask advice on how to go green, and start drawing up your new commercial cleaning contract today.

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