Deep Cleaning Bristol : End of Lease Cleaning

As a landlord of a commercial premise it is in your interests to have a quick turnaround on your property. Any day that your property is empty, you lose potential income. At the end of a lease it is important to order deep cleaning Bristol tenants will be happy with. When you have viewings, if your premise is grimy and dirty, it will stay empty for longer. Read on to find out what areas can be included in your deep clean Bristol and beyond.

Deep Cleaning Bristol : Floors

Floors are something that tenants will brush and mop. Over time however, dirt becomes ground in, and floors will start to look old and dank. Carpets will have stains, and tiled floors will stop shining. For carpets a deep clean with a wet vacuum system will bring them back to life. So, don’t worry about coffee stains or mud that you find on the carpets of your office when you are given back the keys. Even the deepest stains will come out with industrial strength wet vacuuming techniques.

If you have tiled floors, then an industrial floor cleaning machine will be used to ensure the tiles are cleaned properly. This type of machine is designed to lift dirt and grime away from tiles without scratching them, and can be used on a number of different floor types. Your deep cleaning Bristol experts will know which setting is suitable for your particular floor type.

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Deep Cleaning Bristol : Windows

Depending on the type of tenants you have had in your premise, you may find that your windows are dirty or extremely dirty. Many will have ordered a window cleaning service from commercial cleaning experts, but not all. Deep cleaning for your windows will include removing the buildup of dirt and grime in your window sills, in the corners, and in difficult to reach areas. If you have windows that are high up they can be successfully cleaned using a pressure washing system.

The exterior areas of your commercial premise need to be clean if you hope to let it again quickly. As well as your windows, paintwork needs to be clean. The walls of your premise can be cleaned using jet washing techniques, and graffiti can also be removed in this way.

Deep Cleaning Bristol for Food Premises

If your commercial premise has a kitchen or is a food outlet, then the kitchen will be the worse area for cleaning. Don’t waste time trying to get your kitchen clean by yourself. Call in your industrial cleaning in Bristol experts for the job. Fans and extractors can be degreased in minutes, and all the grime behind units will be removed quickly and efficiently. The floor in your kitchen will also need to be deep cleansed once all appliances have been degreased. The tiles in your kitchen can be sprayed to clean them using a power washer, far more quickly than you could hope to clean them by hand.

Lastly, deep cleaning Bristol experts can get to work cleaning communal areas such as your toilet facilities. Once again, when trying to rent out your premise, prospective tenants will be very put off by dirty bathrooms. The floors and tiles can be deep cleaned in your bathrooms, allowing them to shine and look like new.

As well as ordering a deep clean from commercial cleaning Bristol experts like Choice Cleaning, you should pay attention to any repairs that need to be carried out. Broken or dripping taps, tears in upholstery, and stains on walls are all very off-putting for tenants. Painting your walls will make your premise look bright and smell fresh and clean.

As a successful landlord of a commercial premise, you will understand the importance of end of lease cleaning. Even the most respectable tenants will leave some dirt behind when they leave, especially behind furniture and appliances that have not been moved throughout the rental period.


Order a deep clean in advance for the day your tenants will vacate. With the power of industrial cleaning and efficient Bristol cleaners, your premise will be ready for viewing the very next day. When you rent out your premise, make sure that you have made any necessary repairs and that you provide an inventory to your tenants. This will make the whole process of renting out your premise run more smoothly and will ensure that you remember how you rented your store. Once your deep cleaning experts have finished, take some photos of your premise to add to the inventory you hand over to tenants.

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