Green Cleaning Tips from Bristol Experts

Green cleaning is fashionable, and it will remain to be so. Just like it is no longer acceptable to pollute the atmosphere with leaded fuel, it is no longer acceptable to unnecessarily use harsh chemicals for your daily cleaning routine. Leading commercial cleaning experts in Bristol such as ensure that all their cleaning products are as green as possible, and that the use of chemicals is limited to only the very toughest of grease and grime that you might find in a restaurant kitchen or another similar situation where a real deep cleanse is necessary.

When you shop for cleaning products, you will often be swayed by the adverts that you see on the television. These products however are not always environmentally friendly, and they are certainly not cheap. When you opt for a supermarket brand of the same cleaning product, you will pay less, the product will often still not be environmentally friendly, and it will often not do the job at hand correctly, leaving you stressed as well as out of pocket.

If you think back to the times before all these types of products were available on the market, people’s homes were clean, and all the products that they used were natural and often simply found in the pantry at home. Household items can provide you an efficient and green cleaning solution for your home, and combined with some elbow grease, you can save money, get fit, and still get incredible results.

green cleaning

Some of the favourite items that you find in your kitchen that can be used for cleaning are baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar. Granted, people no longer have as many hours as they used to for cleaning, especially those that juggle work and running a household, but in the olden days people’s clothes were always clean, even though they were washed by hand.

Vinegar is acidic, and it is an excellent way to shift stains from almost anything. It can be used for cleaning windows, combined with newspaper, and it can even be used to freshen up your laundry. When combined into a paste with flour it can be used to clean metal, and when simply poured onto a cloth, it can wipe all surfaces clean. Remember however to use distilled vinegar, and not the malt vinegar that you are used to putting onto your chip supper.

Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent, and it can be used in combination with baking powder or alone for cleaning. One favourite use for a lemon is to clean a microwave. Simply cut your lemon in half and put it in the microwave on full power for a few minutes. Afterwards, the dirt and stains will simply wipe away.

Lastly, baking soda sizzles up nicely to make a cleaning solution, or with more powder and less water, it can be made into a paste for cleaning. Baking soda is used to remove stains from almost anything, and many denture wearers will soak their teeth in a baking soda solution overnight! Some people will also use a baking soda mix to clean their teeth, and in a bid to whiten them, baking soda being excellent at bleaching away stains without causing any lasting damages to surfaces, or indeed, to your teeth!

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