Janitorial Cleaning : 4 Signs You’ve Hired The Right Cleaning Service

Janitorial cleaning is vital to the health and well-being of your employees; knowing that you’ve chosen the right cleaning service to get the job done is therefore essential both practically and where peace of mind is concerned. However, as it can take a while for problems with a cleaning service to become evident (dust, dirt, and mould tend to creep up on us slowly over months of neglect), knowing the signs that indicate you’ve selected an excellent janitorial cleaning service can help you sort the wheat from the chaff before major issues arise. If you have recently hired new cleaners, remain vigilant for the following signs of quality service that we suggest here at Choice Cleaning:

1. Punctuality.

Professionals in any industry make a habit of showing up for work on time, so you should expect no less of your janitorial cleaning service. Granted, everyone is late once in a while—inclement weather and emergencies do happen—but the overall pattern should be one of punctuality.

2. Thoroughness.

You should never find anything ‘left over’ to clean after your cleaning service has visited. Every area that your cleaners agreed to clean when you hired them should be cleaned according to the expectations specified in your Service Agreement. This includes little details like cleaning the light switches and doorknobs (the major sites where germs are transmitted from person to person) and ensuring the proper arrangement of items (i.e., things are where you left them).

A simple ‘scent test’ is another viable way to gauge the thoroughness of your cleaners. Dust and mould have characteristic odours, so if things still smell musty and unpleasant after your cleaners have left, there is likely an issue either with their service or the state of your office building. (If your cleaners appear to be paying attention to detail yet unpleasant smells remain, you should talk to them about arranging a professional mould inspection; even if they don’t offer this service, they will know who to recommend.)

janitorial cleaning

3. A willingness to correct errors.

Cleaners are human, and as such, they do occasionally make mistakes—once again, as long as this is the exception and not the rule, there’s nothing to worry about. However, what sets a quality janitorial cleaning service apart from a substandard one is the willingness to address any errors promptly. Your cleaners should never be rude when mistakes are called to their attention and they should be willing to go the extra mile to rectify the situation.

4. A proactive approach.

One of the best indicators of true professionalism is proactivity: Do your cleaners do a lot of extra ‘little things’ to help out, such as letting you know when a lightbulb is burnt out or when you’re running low on toilet paper or bin bags? Do they take care to make sure the building is secure at all times?

A caring attitude, thoroughness, punctuality, and the overall desire to do the best job possible are the hallmarks of any great service. If you notice the aforementioned qualities in your cleaning team, you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen the best men and women for the job.

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