Office Building Cleaning Services : How to Go Green at Work Today

Modern offices are a far cry from those of just a decade ago. Instead of finding one solitary plant withering in the corner, you will find whole walls of greenery. Instead of cramped offices, you will find open-plan working areas. Staff moral will be high, and your brand will be enjoying a boost. To ensure that your employees stay happy and healthy, you should always incorporate not just greenery in your office, but also green office building cleaning services.

office building cleaning services

Office Building Cleaning Services : Chemicals

In the past, cleaning equipment would be locked away in janitorial cupboards out of sight. Old fashioned cleaning equipment however also included a lot of chemicals. Chemical cleaners are harmful to both you and the environment. If any of your staff members suffer from asthma or allergies, they could be affected if you choose to use chemical cleaners. Modern office building cleaning services use only green cleaning equipment, ensuring that your office stays fresh and free from chemicals.

If you walk into your office after your Bristol cleaning team has been and you can smell bleach and disinfectant, it’s time to change your cleaning routine. Your office does not need to smell of nasty chemicals to be clean. Chemicals in bleach can damage your airways, and if your office is not properly ventilated, your employees will quickly complain if headaches and migraines.

Updating your Office

To ensure that you have a green working environment, you will need to make changes to other things asides your cleaning regime. Your office should include greenery, well-ventilated working areas, relaxation areas, and a place where your employees can socialize as well as work. Home office working environments are very welcoming and becoming more and more popular. Your staff will be far more eager to come to work on a Monday morning if they know a coffee machine awaits to make them fresh coffee, and a sofa where they can relax when they are on a break.

To make sure your office is green, get rid of all chemical cleaners, and ensure you use green office building cleaning services. Also make sure that you recycle everything you can. From printer cartridges, to scrap paper, nothing should be thrown in the bin. Ensure your staff know that they should sort their waste, and use the appropriate bins in the communal areas.


A green working environment is a happy working environment. When visitors come to your office and they are met by greenery and a fresh smell, they will become instantly relaxed and happy. An office does not have to smell of chemicals to be clean. It should be well-organised, easy on the eye, and welcoming. Green cleaning products are just as effective as chemical ones. Your commercial cleaning Bristol based experts will show you how to keep your office areas clean and tidy in-between their visits, making sure you stay green, and provide a perfect working environment for your team of employees.

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