Office Cleaning Staff : Why a Supervisor is Essential

At the end of a busy day in the office, you will quickly tidy around your desk and empty the waste paper bins. But once this is done you will be keen to shut the door behind you and get home. In order to do this you must have a cleaning team you can rely on with the best office cleaning staff. In this article we will look at why it is important to pay that little extra for a premium service that ensures you cleaning team are working under the watchful eye of a supervisor.

There are dozens of office and commercial cleaning companies to choose from. Their prices will vary greatly. As there are so many however you will find very competitive prices. So, how do you determine which company to use. Certainly you cannot pick the cheapest and hope for the best. You need to look into the reputation of the office cleaning staff provided by each company and then make a very educated choice.

Office Cleaning Staff

Office Cleaning Staff : Maintaining Order in the Workplace

When you pay an office cleaning team to come to your Bristol office, you will expect the same high standard of cleaning to be kept to on each single visit. To make sure this actually happens, you should use a company that sends a supervisor with the cleaning staff on every visit.

To ensure that the cleaning team work efficiently and in an orderly manner you should also request that the same cleaning staff come to you on each visit. When the same people clean each day or week, they will be used to the cleaning checklist and will not miss off any important areas.

Having a checklist with cleaning duties is extremely important. This way, the cleaning team can check off each task, ensuring that both you and they know that it is completed. A checklist can include daily tasks and also one-off tasks than can be added as extras. These could include cleaning a stain from an office couch, or an additional window clean after wet weather and high winds

Scheduling your Cleaning

When you are searching for a professional cleaning company for your Bristol office you should also decide the time of day you wish your cleaners to visit. Be careful here, as some companies will charge more for out of hours cleaning. Ideally you don’t want to be interrupted whilst working. So, hiring a team that will visit after hours or early in the morning makes sense.

Choosing a company who sends a supervisor to your office makes sense. As the owner of a business yourself, you will be aware of how you can feel insecure if you have to leave the office for lengthy periods of time. Although modern technology allows you to check in with your staff, there is nothing better than being physically present during the working day. So choose the same ethos when it comes to the cleaning of your premise, ordering a professional clean from reputable and reliable cleaning staff who ensure your office always looks it best.


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