Organic Cleaning Products : How to go Green

Organic cleaning products are widely available on the market today. As the owner of a commercial premise, you should go green when it comes to your cleaning regime. If you employ a commercial cleaning team, then make sure that they use only eco-friendly cleaning products. Correct disposal of chemical cleaning products is also essential if you want to be kind to the environment. Below is a look at how you can do your bit at going green.

Organic Cleaning Products from your Commercial Cleaning Company Bristol

You may believe that organic cleaning products are not capable of cutting through grease and grime. You would be wrong. Before the introduction of chemical cleaners, people cleaned using elbow grease and little more. Although chemical cleaning products may be cheaper than their organic alternatives, every time you use them you will be harming the environment.

Take as an example an industrial kitchen that is cleaned using industrial processes on a regular basis. It is extremely important that residual fats as well as cleaning products are not flushed down the drain. Oil and fat will clog up sewers and drains, and tipping chemical cleaning residues down the drain will damage fauna and flora in nearby streams as well as harm the natural PH of the ground. A responsible and reputable commercial cleaning company such as Choice Cleaning Company uses only safe and eco-friendly methods for cleaning and for the disposal of industrial waste.

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Green Janitorial Supplies

As well as ensuring that your chosen industrial cleaning team only uses organic cleaning products, you too can help ensure you stay green. Your janitorial supplies should be sourced from a green supplier. Cloths, mops, and cleaning supplies for your day to day cleaning should always be eco-friendly. Ensure that you choose a supplier who will not send you chemical cleaners or cloths and mops that are not made from organic materials.

Green cleaning supplies may be slightly more expensive than chemical ones, but they are well worth the extra cost. If you choose a commercial cleaning team to clean your premise you will not pay more if you opt for a cleaning that is “green”.

Within your establishment there are a few more things that you can do to ensure that you stay green. If your establishment serves food, then ensure that old cooking oil is stored in containers and taken away for correct disposal. Ensure that your rolls of kitchen paper are made from recycled products, and you do not use copious amounts of bleach or other chemicals every day when you clean your floors.

Keeping an industrial or commercial premise clean can be a difficult task. So leave the cleaning to your commercial cleaning in Bristol experts. With green cleaning supplies and methods used, you can be sure that you are doing your bit to be kind to the environment. Organic cleaning products have been widely available for over a decade now, and every day they are becoming more efficient for cleaning as well as cheaper for the consumer to purchase.

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