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When it comes to washing machine cleaning, many of us simply expect the machines to wash themselves. After all, the machines are designed to wash your clothes, so how can they possibly get dirty? Well, the same way that a bath can get dirty over time. We rely on our washing machines on a virtually daily basis, and they are arguably the most important appliances in our homes. If your washing machine becomes dirty however, it will not work as it should, and there are fewer things worse than a washing machine that does not properly wash your clothes. People that tend to not bother with washing machine cleaning will often find their clothes coming out of the machine smelling worse than when they went in, which is the last thing anybody wants. Ideally it is always best to hire a professional washing machine cleaning company, but if you can’t, here are some tips for keeping your machine clean from Choice Cleaning Company.

White Vinegar in the Drum

After a while, you may find that the drum of your washing machine tends to smell unpleasant, almost fusty, with a hint of wet dog, or perhaps worse still. If this is indeed a problem that you are encountering, try using white vinegar. White vinegar is a godsend when it comes to cleaning, as it will clean virtually any surface, plus it is also very inexpensive to purchase. Vinegar, which is also known as acetic acid, is fantastic for cleaning inside the drum because the vinegar will destroy any bacteria and mould spores that may be hiding inside. This will help to eliminate nasty smells in the future. Simply set an empty washer to a hot cycle, add a generous cup of vinegar, and leave it to work its magic. At the end the inside should be nice and clean. Add a quick rinse cycle if there is any hint of vinegar left over.

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Clean Under the Rubber Gasket

Another common cause of a smelly washing machine is dirt, mould, bacteria, and detritus hiding under the rubber gasket seal around the edge of the drum. If you peel this back, you may find mould growing there, or general dirt and slime from countless washes in the past. You can use a vinegar and baking soda solution to clean under the gasket, or you can spray it with bleach or an antibacterial spray, wait for the bacteria to die, and then rinse it away carefully.

Clean the Detergent Drawer

Some people make the mistake of not being aware that the detergent drawer to their washing machine is actually removable. The draw can get clogged up with clumps of washing powder and old detergent, which can cause it to smell, and to fail to drain and fill properly. If the inside of your detergent drawer is dirty and slimy, simply take the time to carefully remove it, and wash it in the sink with hot soapy water. Replace it when dry and you’re good to go.

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