Window Cleaning Bristol: The Importance Of Regular Pressure Washing

Most business owners intrinsically understand the importance of routine exterior maintenance. They know that litter needs to be picked up regularly, walkways need to be swept and washed, and the grass needs to be mowed. All of these things contribute significantly to the professional image of a given premises.

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There, is however, one area of exterior maintenance that is all too often overlooked, especially during the sunny days of summer: When it comes to window cleaning Bristol business owners often opt to take an annual approach. Windows are most frequently pressure washed in the spring, when detritus from winter storms is an issue. Unbeknownst to most business owners, this ‘once a year’ approach not only harms the appearance of their premises, it also puts an office’s windows at risk of cumulative damage.

The amount of window cleaning Bristol business owners need to do is directly related to the climate of the Southwest. Compared to much of the rest of the UK, the Southwest has fairly hot summers with lower levels of precipitation. Likewise, owing to the effects of climate change, summers are generally trending toward being hotter and drier than they used to be.

With this hot, dry weather inevitably comes dust. This dust is frequently picked up by the wind and deposited on office windows, where it builds up gradually. Because we see the buildings we work in every day, most of us don’t even notice how much dust has in fact accumulated… But other people absolutely will. Likewise, many of these particles are quite abrasive, meaning that they contribute to wear and tear. Just as not cleaning a vehicle more than once a year can result in that vehicle becoming damaged, so too can neglecting to clean a building cause harm.

Ideally, most small office buildings should have their windows pressure washed every 1-3 months. If you own a restaurant or cafe, however, you’ll need to clean every two weeks in order to keep scum from building up. (The constant steam created by food and beverage preparation results in a moist, mould-prone environment.)

Pressure-washing the windows of very large office buildings frequently is costly and impractical, so most professional cleaners advise that the owners of large buildings have their windows pressure washed twice a year. To retain a professional appearance, however, the lobby windows should be cleaned once a month. (The lobby is the area most frequented by visitors, and as such, it’s integral to creating a good first impression of your business.)

Pressure Washing: Window Cleaning Bristol Businesses Can Rely On

While most business owners hire street sweepers and window wipers throughout the year, their lighter cleaning methods generally don’t fully penetrate to remove ground-in grime. Pressure washing, on the other hand, has the ability to restore windows, walkways, and fixtures to a flawless ‘like new’ clean. Hiring a professional cleaning firm (with commercial cleaning equipment) to take care of both your interior and exterior cleaning needs is the best way to ensure that your business comes across as being professional, hygienic, and reputable.


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