Affordable Office Cleaning : What to Include On Your Checklist

Running a business of any size is a huge responsibility. You will have a budget to stick to and profit and loss calculations to make. When working out your budget you will need to include cleaning for your premise. Trying to clean yourself should be a last resort. Especially when affordable office cleaning is widely available across Bristol. In this article we will look at what essentials to add to your checklist to ensure you keep the cost of your cleaning down, but at the same time your office premise is clean and presentable.

How dirty your office gets will depend on how busy it is. If you have clients visiting you on a daily basis, the floor will get dirty very quickly. A small office without clients visiting will only need cleaning on a weekly basis, emptying of bins and a quick tidy up by yourself on a daily basis being sufficient. But for larger offices, a daily clean is essential. So, what to add to your checklist.

Affordable Office Cleaning

Affordable Office Cleaning : Floors, Windows, and More

To ensure your cleaning team work efficiently provide a checklist. This will ensure that all areas that you need cleaning are cleaned. You can add areas to be cleaned on a daily, weekly, or even a monthly basis. For example, the windows of your commercial premise will not need cleaning every day, but your floors will.

To ensure your office runs efficiently, order a clean after the working day or first thing in the morning before your staff members arrive. Your office cleaning Bristol based team will clean and dust all surfaces, brush and mop floors, clean your bathrooms, and tackle communal areas such as your staff kitchen and reception area.

Green Cleaning

If your office is small, you won’t need a professional team to visit you every day. Affordable office cleaning solutions will include you keeping on top of the checklist. It is quite easy to ensure that your kitchen and communal areas stay clean using green cleaning products supplied to you by your local Bristol janitorial cleaning company. Cloths and mops should be eco friendly, and under no circumstances should you be cleaning your office with bleach and harsh chemicals.

Office cleaning is affordable no matter the size of your business operations. With a checklist you can ensure that your cleaning team get to work straight away and don’t miss any important areas that need cleaning. By keeping on top of the cleaning yourself you can also save money. But don’t mistake this as a reason to get your employees to do the cleaning for you. Cleaning should be carried out by a professional cleaning team.  But in between visits, you can carry out simple tasks that will keep your premise looking great in between visits.

Your checklist should include dusting and polishing, mopping and brushing, and cleaning of communal areas such as your entrance lobby, bathrooms, and staff kitchens. Areas that may require deep cleaning once every few months include carpets and upholstery, blinds, and and other fabrics coverings. Windows should preferably cleaned each week, ensuring that your office shines from the outside in.


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