Best Cleaning Services : Keeping a Restaurant Kitchen Hygienic

The best cleaning services for your restaurant are those that keep your work area clean and hygienic at all times. A restaurant kitchen is a dirty and greasy environment. With chip fryers working all day long the amount of grease in one day can be quite frightening. As well as keeping your restaurant kitchen clean and free from grease and grime you need to ensure that it is hygienic. On the spot inspections need to keep you on your toes. Read on  for some tips on how to keep your kitchen clean.

Best Cleaning Services : Industrial Cleaning for Restaurants

When employing a cleaning team for your restaurant you should look to employ a company that has Industrial strength equipment. Such equipment will include decreasing chemicals that are not available to you as a consumer. Industrial Cleaning Specialists have the power to cut back on grease and grime quickly and efficiently.

The best cleaning services are those that are on offer from your local industrial cleaning experts. You should employ industrial cleaners at least once every 6 months for a deep clean. This process will involve degreasing all equipment and moving out your fryers, fridges, freezers, and other equipment.  Cleaning behind equipment is necessary as and oil find their way behind and underneath units very easily.

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In Between Industrial Cleans

As well as employing Industrial Cleaning Specialists to your restaurant at least once every six months you should also keep  on top of your cleaning on a daily basis. At the end of the working day all surfaces should be wiped down and all rubbish bins should be emptied.  When throwing out the trash make sure  that your external bins are kept  closed and are never overflowing. Most big towns and cities in England have vermin problems.  One of the favorite places  where you will find rats is by restaurant bins.  Even when you are very busy  you should always take the time to lift open the bin and deposit all the bin bags directly into the bins.  Leaving bags of rubbish on the ground will attract vermin rats and mice.

Inside your kitchen make sure that you clean out your fridges every day. A restaurant fridge is open and closed several dozen times every hour. Do not compare your restaurant fridge to the fridge that you may have in your own home. Any spills should be wiped away immediately and at the end of the working day all  the fridges should be thoroughly cleaned.

In order to pass an on-the-spot inspection you need to make sure that you comply with health and safety standards. Wooden chopping boards should be thrown away as should tea towels and dish cloths. Kitchen towels should be of the  disposable kind only. You should have a dishwasher  that works at high temperatures and that dries the dishes. The refrigerators in your kitchen  should be organized so that raw and cooked meats are never kept together. As you will have many different fridges  in your kitchen this should not be a difficult task.

The floor of your kitchen  should be brushed and mopped at the end of each day.  Any spills  on the kitchen floor should be cleaned up immediately.  However do not mop the floor while people are working in the kitchen. This could be hazardous. If you need to, place down some disposable kitchen towel on the spill.

Running a restaurant comes with great responsibility. As well as ensuring that to use the best cleaning services available to you in the local area you must ensure that your staff members are fully trained. Each member of staff working in your restaurant needs to have an up-to-date health and hygiene certificate. Learning about health and hygiene  in the workplace will ensure that your business passes any inspections.

When choosing an industrial cleaning team for your restaurant  make sure that you employ a company that is reputable. Wherever possible your cleaning team should use green cleaning products. Old fashioned chemical cleaners are extremely harmful when flushed or washed down sinks and drains. Any  strong chemical cleaners that are used should be disposed of properly.

If your restaurant kitchen is in need of a deep clean contact your Industrial Cleaning Specialists today. You cannot afford to run a restaurant if your kitchen is not clean and hygienic. Ensure you have a rota for cleaning tasks  that are carried out  by members of staff.  This way you will always know which areas have been cleaned and which are in need of cleaning. Make sure your cleaning checklist is updated every day and that you order a deep clean from your Industrial Cleaning Specialists at least twice a year.


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