Bristol Office Cleaning : Cleaning Rotas for Small Offices

Running a small office in Bristol can be demanding and time consuming. You will most likely use the services of a Bristol office cleaning team on a weekly basis. Your professional commercial cleaners in Bristol can handle all areas of your office. From your floors to your windows and exterior areas they can cover all your cleaning needs. But, how do you make sure your office is clean and presentable every day of the week. In the article we are going to discuss the use of cleaning rotas and if you should use them or not.

Bristol Office Cleaning for Small Business Owners

If your office is small then you won’t be able to afford to pay professional cleaners to come in every single day of the week. This does not however mean that you can leave dirty cups on the sink and waste papers bins overflowing until your cleaners come. Using a rota for cleaning can work for smaller office environments. But, it is very important that each member of your staff keeps his or her own work station clean.

At the end of the working day, your staff should tidy their own work station. They should empty their waste paper bin, and sort out any recycling where appropriate. This will only take five minutes of their time and should always be their responsibility.

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Your communal areas should always be kept clean. These include your staff kitchen area and bathrooms. Although you should not expect your employees to scrub toilets, they can certainly empty bins in the bathrooms and wipe around the sink. Your kitchen should always be clean and cups should not be left in the sink overnight. You can choose a strict policy whereby each time a staff member uses a cup or plate he must wash it up and put it away.

Or you could use a rota system where one staff member cleans the kitchen area at the end of the day. If you allow your employees to heat up food or make snacks at work, then your kitchen bin must also be emptied every day. This is regardless of whether it is full or not. Tea bag stains on the bin lid and by the sink and floor need to be cleaned away too. This takes just seconds with a cloth or mop.


No member of your staff should be made to feel like they are being employed to clean. Nor should you align small cleaning duties only to lower staff members. Equality in the workplace is essential. This means that everyone, including you, should tidy at the end of the day. A rota can work well for the days your Bristol Office cleaning team does not come. Simple tasks like emptying bins and having a quick brush of the floor before you close your office door will make it a far more welcoming place to come to in the morning. A rota can be hung up in your kitchen or staff room. This will allow you to allocate all small cleaning duties fairly amongst all your staff members.

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