Bristol Window Cleaning Companies : What to Expect

There are dozens of Bristol window cleaning companies to choose from when it comes to keeping the outside of your premise looking its best. So, what should you look for when you are employing a commercial window cleaning company? Below is a look at what we can offer you here at Choice Cleaning. Far more than window cleaning!

Bristol Window Cleaning Companies : Services Available

As a new customer you can order a free estimate on your window cleaning. An estimate is no-obligation and will be carried out by a member of our professional commercial window washing team. Same or next day one-off cleans are also available as standard. If your existing window cleaning team can’t book you in for a week, then it’s time you swapped to a team that can. When your windows have got unexpectedly dirty, they will ruin the overall appearance of your premise and your business.

When you choose reliable Bristol window cleaning companies for your window washing, your professional cleaning team will always be on time. A rain guarantee is also available. Handy when it comes to winter time in the UK!

Bristol window cleaning companies

Paying your window cleaning team in Bristol has never been easier. Instead of paper invoices, pay your monthly or one-off cleans online. Our cleaners will scrub and squeegee all your windows. If you are not satisfied, then ask for a refund. That’s how confident we are that you will be impressed with our Bristol window cleaning.

Bristol Window Cleaning Companies : Extras

Clean windows mean a clean appearance for your office or other business. But, it’s not just the panes of glass that your Bristol window cleaning team will be paying attention too. Window frames, tracks, and ledges will also be wiped down. Bugs, cobwebs, dirt, and dust will be removed from all windows, tracks, and frames. If you have window screens, then don’t panic. These can also be cleaned by your Bristol window cleaning team.


For an eco-friendly clean, you can rely on Choice Cleaning Company. Our window cleaning solutions are all “green” and no harsh chemical are used. We can add a UV protectant to your window screens, and we can visit you daily, weekly, monthly, or as often as you need us to.

Choosing a local window cleaning team for your commercial cleaning in Bristol makes sense. Not only will you not be charged for travel time, you will be supporting local businesses. Prices from your local window cleaners in Bristol are very reasonable and highly competitive when compared to big brand names.

If your windows are not looking their best, it’s time to take action. Dirty windows and frames will bring your business tumbling down. No one would window shop if the panes of glass in the shopping centre were streaked and dirty. So, ensure your premise is always clean not just on the inside but on the outside too. Cleanliness starts with the exterior of your build. It’s what your customers will see first, and if your windows are dirty then your prospective customers may even not make it past your front entrance.

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