Five tasks that should be on your autumn office cleaning checklist

Local Office CleanersAutumn is a wonderful time of year, bringing beautiful colours and fun events such as Halloween and Bonfire Night. However, it also heralds the arrival of fresher temperatures, darker evenings and an altogether damper atmosphere. This can have an effect on your office cleaning and maintenance, so it’s a good idea to have a think about what you should be doing to make sure your workplace is prepared for winter. Here are five tasks to tackle before the cold weather really sets in.

Fit weather strips and draft excluder

Weather strips are pieces of rubber or metal that are used to seal the edges of doors or windows against the elements. If you have leaky windows you can run into a lot of trouble down the line due to damp and mould. A secondary goal of weather stripping is to keep the heat in, something your employees will appreciate during the winter months.

Window cleaning

Cleaning your windows now means that you will be able to make the most of what little light there is in the UK during the winter, plus cleaning windows in wind and rain isn’t anybody’s idea of a good time. Hiring a professional window cleaning service will make sure the job is done properly.

Clean out gutters

During autumn all sorts of leaves and debris will be falling, so make sure your gutters are cleaned out on a regular basis, starting now to get rid of any obstructions that may have already built up. Clogged up gutters can result in overflows that can cause damage to a building from the foundations right up to the roof. As well as being inconvenient and unsightly, water damage is expensive to fix, so it’s important to prevent it happening in the first place.

Replace internal and external mats

Wet and cold weather will result in staff and visitors traipsing all sorts of dirt and debris through your workplace, so make sure you provide mats for them to wipe their feet on. Wet and muddy floors not only look unsightly and require cleaning, but can also cause potentially dangerous slipping and tripping hazards.

Check your heating system

As well as keeping your staff and colleagues warm and happy during cold weather, an efficient heating system prevents damp and mould forming in your premises. Damp and mould not only cause respiratory illnesses which could make your staff ill and negatively effect productivity, but it’s also notoriously difficult to clean, which could result in expensive redecorating being necessary come spring. Checking that you heating is working and having it serviced will prevent a lot of inconvenience in the long run.

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