Janitorial Cleaning : Keeping Communal Areas Clean

Janitorial cleaning is just one of the services available from Bristol commercial cleaning experts Choice Cleaning. Asides keeping the inside of your office or other commercial premise clean, you need to take care of communal and outdoor areas. Your first memory of a janitor will most likely be the janitor at your primary school, who swept up the leaves, patched up paint, and would be seen with a metal pale and mop in the corridors during the day.

Janitorial Cleaning : Why Use a Janitor Service

The necessity for employing a janitorial cleaning service will depend on who is in charge of communal areas of your office block or outdoor areas. If you share an office space with many other companies, then there will most likely already be a cleaning team doing the necessary work. But when your office space is owned by yourself, or you are responsible for keeping all areas of your building clean, you should employ a janitor.

When running a business, first impressions count. That means that your new and prospective customers will already made a mental decision about you before they even shake your hand. How so, you may ask? The answer is because they will have judged you by the exterior décor of your office as well as the reception area or communal hallways. If there is paint peeling from the drain pipes, or an overgrown patch of grass outside your office you will be giving the wrong impression to everyone.

janitorial cleaning

A standard commercial cleaning contract will include all the normal office cleaning such as floors, windows, bathrooms, and kitchen areas. When you also choose a janitorial service as part of your cleaning package, all your cleaning needs can be taken care of by the same team. From trimming hedges, to unblocking drains and removing graffiti from wall, a janitor can do a lot to clean up the reputation of your business.

Having an exterior area to your business premise that belongs to you can help you build your business. Having room for a parking lot is a god send, and having a garden that can be well kept and groomed will give a friendly and inviting look to anyone who comes to visit you. Areas that a janitorial clean can take care of include car parks, flower beds, lawn mowing, painting, graffiti removal, cleaning of communal corridors or passageways, and general exterior maintenance.

For an office that beams inside and out, ensure that you keep up to date with both your exterior as well as interior cleaning. Allowing your garden to grow over or ignoring graffiti or moss growing on walls will bring your reputation crumbling down around you. A serious business owner will want to create the best impression the first time. This means ensuring that you and all your employees are always smartly dressed, and that your building is spotless both inside and out. Contact your local Bristol specialists today to inquire about how they can help you get the cleanliness of your building up to scratch.

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