Professional Window Cleaning Services : The Power of Jet Washing

When you order professional window cleaning services in Bristol, you can get far more for your money than just clean window panes. Window cleaning as part of an industrial or commercial contract can include all exterior areas of your build. Read on to find out how jet washing can be used not just for your windows but for keeping your entire building free from grime and dirt.

Professional Window Cleaning Services : Gutters

Gutters are an area of any build, commercial or domestic that you need to keep clean. If you have ever experience blocked gutters at home, you will know the havoc it can cause. The same can happen at your commercial build. Whereas at your home, leaves are the main culprit, your commercial gutters can be clogged with anything from leaves to general dirt and grime from the city air. Just because there are no trees in the vicinity of your office block does not mean that your gutters won’t get clogged up. So, ask your commercial cleaning Bristol experts about gutter cleaning. Using jet washing, all dirt and grime that has built up over time in your gutters can be removed in just minutes.

Professional Window Cleaning Services : Facades

The façade or face of your building will also start to look grubby over time. The worst builds are those in built-up areas. Pollution from traffic will soon turn white walls grey. In the winter, the damp weather will also quickly turn your white walls dirty-looking. Once again, there is a simple solution available from your Bristol-based commercial cleaners, jet washing. A powerful jet wash will remove dirt and grime from your paintwork, and will quickly remove the layer of filth that is making your office or other premise look dirty. Jet washing your building is also recommended before you repaint. This is something that you should do in the spring time.

professional window cleaning services

Graffiti Removal

Your professional window cleaning services contract can also include graffiti removal. There is nothing worse than being the victim of graffiti. Even if the attack is not personal, it will feel like it is, and the whole image of your business will take a tumble. Areas where graffiti is often sprayed are on shutters and on low walls.

Trying to scrub away at writing on walls yourself is a waste of time. You will end up with no finger nails, and at the best you will have produced a clean patch that will be surrounded by a dirty wall. The solution is of course to have the graffiti jet washed. Your industrial and commercial cleaning experts in Bristol will be able to assess what type of paint has been used for the “art work” and therefore chemicals if necessary to remove the paint. When water-based paint has been used then simple jet washing with soapy water should remove all traces of the offending art work.

Car Parks and Communal Areas

Car parks are another area that should be kept clean. Their maintenance can include resurfacing and the painting of lines, but it should also include regular jet washing. Things you will find on the ground of your car park will include oil stains from cars, and chewing gum. Both of these can be washed away easily with a jet wash, leaving your car park looking bright and clean.

All exterior areas of your office or commercial premise should be kept clean at all times. Having a dirty parking lot or walls with drab paintwork will put people off coming into your premise. First impressions count, and that means having shiny windows, clean paintwork, and graffiti-free communal areas.

Your professional window cleaning experts in Bristol have the technology to ensure that not just your windows, but all exterior areas of your build are looking their best. Depending on the location of your office or premise, you may like to order a window clean once a week, every fortnight, or once a month. For inner city areas, your windows will get dirtier more quickly due to traffic pollution.  

Contact Choice Cleaning, your friendly commercial window cleaning team today to ask about all the services available. With a versatile approach to commercial cleaning, we can restore all exterior areas of your build to their former glory. From your car park to your walls, jet washing can make light work of dirt and grime that has built up over months or even over years.

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