School Cleaning Bristol : Janitorial Services and More

If you are unhappy with your current cleaning team, or are paying separately for janitorial services, you are literally throwing money down the drain. Choice Cleaning can provide affordable school cleaning Bristol based that will include all your janitorial services. From mowing the lawn to removal of graffiti, we can handle all areas of school cleaning. Read on to find out more.

School Cleaning Bristol : Interior Cleaning

Chances are that you are employing a school cleaner in Bristol for the interior of your build. After the day is done, your cleaning team will arrive and get to work cleaning the inside of the school building. But what about the exterior areas that your visitors will see? Choice Cleaning Company can combine both exterior and interior cleaning, as well as supplying you with the janitorial supplies you need.

Our school cleaners in Bristol can clean classrooms, storerooms, bathrooms, the canteen, the windows, and all other areas of your building. There is nothing worse than having dull classrooms with dirty windows. We can clean your windows both externally and internally. We can also get rid of pesky graffiti that you can find in all areas of your school.

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School Cleaning Bristol : Lawns, Playgrounds, and More

All areas of your school should look their best at all times, and not just for when you are expecting a visit from Ofsted. Our cleaning team can take care of all areas of your build. Jobs we can do can include jet-washing your playgrounds and car parks. We can get rid of graffiti and oil stains, and bring back to life dirty walls and outdoor furniture.

School Cleaning Bristol : Janitorial Supplies

As well as providing you with a cleaning service you can rely on, we can provide you with eco-friendly janitorial supplies and services. We can provide you with toilet roll dispensers and sanitary bins. Emptying of bins will be included in your school rota. This means that you can forget employing a separate company for the job.

No janitor’s office is complete without high quality cleaning equipment. Your school janitor will be responsible for mending broken furniture, painting and decorating, and some cleaning tasks. We can supply you with everything you need for your janitorial cupboard. We can also provide you with tips on green cleaning for your kitchen and canteen. Choice Cleaning Company believe in green cleaning products that don’t harm the environment.

If your janitorial cupboard has little more than a mop and a bottle of bleach in it, it’s time you contacted Choice Cleaning Company in Bristol. We can help cut back on the cost of your cleaning bill, and combine all the services that you are currently paying separately for. School cleaners who only brush and mop should be a thing of the past. Our services will ensure that your school building is always cleaned in a timely manner. During the school holidays, we can offer deep cleaning services for upholstery and floors, using our industrial strength cleaning equipment to make back to school day one to look forward to.

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