Window Cleaning Bristol Tips : Cleaning Windows with Vinegar

Getting your office windows clean and streak-free is not easy. It’s a job that we recommend you leave to your commercial cleaning experts in Bristol. But, for stains on your windows that you need to remove between contract cleans, here are some window cleaning Bristol tips. Vinegar is miraculous. Not only can it fight off infections and be used to remove stains, it is also great for cleaning windows. It is an all-round green solution that is non-toxic. So, how do you clean windows with vinegar? Read on to find out or click here for more information.

Window Cleaning Bristol Tips : Why Use Vinegar for Cleaning

Vinegar is a much handier substance to have around the house or office than a tub of bleach. There are no dangers that you will spoil surfaces with it; in fact the opposite is true. Vinegar is beneficial to virtually any surface it touches. It kills germs and is far less expensive than chemical cleaning solutions. If you inhale or ingest it, it does no harm. Well, that bit is obvious really isn’t it, as we are famous in the UK for putting it on our dinner!

window cleaning Bristol tips

Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent as it has an acidic composition that breaks down dirt quickly and easily. It is actually quite hard to end up with streaky windows if you use only a vinegar and water solution!

Window Cleaning Bristol Tips : Recipes for Washing Windows with Vinegar

For best results for window cleaning with vinegar, dilute distilled vinegar in equal parts with water. If you live in an area of very hard water, you may like to choose distilled water for the purpose although it is not always necessary.

You can clean your office or house windows with your vinegar solution with a squeegee or with a sponge. Make sure that your sponge does not have traces of other detergents in it, and always clean your windows out of direct sunlight. When using a squeegee, clean from the top down on your windows. Rinse and dry your window frames after washing. For really grimy windows, you can wash with soap first, rinsing thoroughly afterwards. For ease, you may like to prepare your water and vinegar in a spray bottle.

Window Cleaning Bristol Tips : Drying your Windows

If you can see streaks on your windows, do not blame the vinegar. The streaks you will see are residues of other cleaning products or grime. Do not dry with a cloth that will leave fiber on your windows. Plain kitchen roll with no colouring is perfect for drying your windows.

Other Uses for Vinegar Around the Home

There are so many uses for vinegar around the home, sometimes you might think it should be kept on the cleaning shelf in the supermarket. You can clean blinds with vinegar, get stains out of carpets and clothing, and much more with vinegar. Combined with baking soda, vinegar can also help to unblock drains. I bet you didn’t know that, did you?


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