Cleaning Companies Bristol : Should You Set Up Your Own?

New cleaning companies Bristol are set up every day. With everyone liking to ideally live or work in clean conditions, it is easy to see why cleaners will always be in demand. For this reason, many people who start their own business will do so within the cleaning industry. So when should you make the transition from cleaning a few homes in the neighbourhood to setting up your own company? Below are some steps you should follow before you even start thinking about the name for your new business and some invaluable tips from Choice Cleaning in Bristol.

Cleaning Companies Bristol: Is There Enough Demand?

You love cleaning, you are good at it, and the people who you clean for are always happy with your work. Is this enough to encourage you to set up your own company? The short answer is it shouldn’t be. Although you may already have a few regular clients, by making your company legal will not necessarily bring in dozens more. You can advertise your new venture on social media, by handing out flyers, by cold calling. But, if there is no demand for your service you will not succeed. Research into the market is what you must concentrate on here.

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If there are already a few dozen companies in your area, then you need to think of a new approach. Take an example. If you were to open a bakery, would you open it next to other established bakers? Of course you wouldn’t. If the market is saturated, then you need to find a niche within the market where there is still demand. Perhaps a cleaning company that is specifically for after-event cleaning. Or one that specialises in after hours and weekend cleaning. To be successful you have to offer something new and something better. Otherwise, why would people switch from their regular company to you?

Knowing the Legalities

As well as having to register your company within the first months of trading, you will need to pay taxes, stop claiming benefits that you may currently be entitled to, and you will have paperwork to do that you never thought existed. Every purchase you make for equipment will need to be invoiced. You will need to keep books. If you are paying taxes and a bookkeeper, can you justify offering the low prices you did before. Setting up as a sole trader needn’t be difficult when you take advice from a local accountant. But it will take organisation, time, and of course money.

In conclusion, setting up cleaning companies Bristol should not be a decision you make overnight. You will also need to think about your responsibility to the environment. You will need to ensure all your cleaning chemicals are REACH compliant. You will need to take out insurance for yourself as well as for public liability if you are working in commercial environments. But most of all, you must make sure that there is room for you and your new company within the marketplace. Otherwise you will end up dropping your prices, only to find that your expenditure on products and legalities will mean your new venture never makes a profit.

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