Janitorial Service: Why Invest in Cleaning Equipment?

If you own a janitorial service, you have likely debated on whether or not it’s a wise idea to invest a significant sum of money into either your first pieces of commercial cleaning equipment, or into new and updated models of the types of equipment you already own. Is it really worth the hassle and expense, or can you and your staff get by just as well without it?

Though it may take careful planning in order to finance new commercial cleaning equipment, as long as you can do so without risking the security of your business, you should; it’s strongly advised that professional cleaners invest in the latest equipment at least once every five to ten years, and by taking a look at http://www.choicecleaning.co.uk/office-cleaning-bristol/ you can see just why it is a great idea. Your janitorial service will benefit from having modern commercial cleaning equipment in all of the following ways:

Enhanced efficiency. Commercial cleaning equipment is designed to clean a large area in a short amount of time; indeed, many modern machines can clean well with just one “pass” over a surface. This is massively more effective than using manual methods, where repeated passes are often needed.

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Increased employee safety. Manual cleaning methods—lifting, scrubbing, mopping, etc.—present the highest risk of injury for janitorial service workers. The repetitive motions required for these tasks are incredibly hard on the body, leading to strain-induced and often chronic conditions when performed over many years. Having commercial cleaning equipment, on the other hand, ensures that the hard work is left to your machines rather than your staff.

Cleaning equipment can be easier on the environment. This may seem counter-intuitive, but many modern cleaning machines are designed to facilitate “green cleaning” and use as few resources as possible. They also help to cut down on the need for toxic cleaning solutions in many cases as they make better use of abrasive techniques.

Modern cleaning equipment is usually low-maintenance and easy to operate. Gone are the days when many commercial cleaning machines came with a steep learning curve; many of today’s models are designed to be user-friendly, with features like easily-replaceable water tanks and LED indicators to let cleaners know when a machine requires routine upkeep. (However, be aware that employee training is still necessary; staff need to be versed on how to operate any large piece of equipment safely.)

Having cleaning equipment means you will need fewer staff. Commercial cleaning equipment drastically cuts down on the amount of “man power” needed to clean large facilities; many machines today can do the work of three people. Not only does this mean your investment will soon pay for itself in the form of the amount you will save on employee salaries, it also makes running your business simpler. Managing many employees does, after all, introduce many time-consuming duties and variables to your business.

Cleaning equipment often leads to a better and more thorough clean. No amount of manual effort can produce the same flawless clean as today’s high-powered machinery—and at the end of the day, the quality of the clean your business produces is the most significant factor in its success.


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