Window Cleaning Specialists : Pressure Washing Windows

Window cleaning specialists have the technology to clean windows that are in the most awkward places. If your windows are too high up to reach, then pressure washing is one method that will get them clean. Unless your office is in a high build block, then a cherry picker will not normally be used. Keeping your office windows clean is important. Your windows are the face of your business and should always be clean and shining.

Window Cleaning Specialists : Pressure Washing from Window Cleaning Bristol Experts

Pressure washing will get rid of grime, excrement from birds, grease, and general dirt from your windows. There is no danger of scratching the windows, and streaky windows can become a thing of the past. It is far more professional to hire a professional window cleaning Bristol team for the job than to hire a pressure washer. It doesn’t look good if the boss of a company is outside cleaning windows; leave the job to your local window cleaning specialists.

Window Cleaning Specialists : How Does Pressure Washing Work

Pressure washing is used for cleaning not just windows but the exterior of properties and inside industrial units. Water under pressure is powerful and will lift away dirt and grime that you would be hard pushed to get rid of by hand. Cleaning windows with a pressure washing takes just minutes. First, your windows will be washed with an eco.-friendly detergent mixed in with the water. If you have a buildup of grease on your windows then a degreasing agent may also be added.

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Once your windows have been cleaned the pressure washer will be reloaded with plain water for rinsing. Water can be hot or cold for pressure washing; your window cleaning specialists will know what’s best for your windows.

Checks to Carry out Before Pressure Washing Windows

Water under pressure is powerful, so there are some checks you should carry out before having your windows pressure washed. It is not recommended to wash old wooden window frames with a pressure washer. UPVC windows are tougher and they can withstand higher pressure.

If you have problems with leaking windows when it is windy, then you will get the same problems when your panes are pressure washed. It is always advisable to ensure all leaks are dealt with by specialists in the building trade. If you know where water may enter your build, then be prepared and remove anything you don’t want to get wet.

Lastly, make sure you shut all your windows before pressure washing commences! This may seem like stating the obvious, but you may forget that you have your windows open just a crack to allow for air circulation. Pressure washing windows is something you should allow your Bristol window cleaning team to take care of every couple of months. If your premise is in an area of high traffic circulation then you may need to have your windows washed more frequently to ensure they are gleaming and shining at all times.

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