5 Valuable Tips When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company in Bristol

Commercial Cleaning Company in Bristol
Choosing a commercial cleaning company in Bristol is not just about price and efficiency. It is about trustworthiness, especially that companies use sensitive equipment and facilities and give utmost importance to confidentiality. Here are five valuable tips to help you when choosing a commercial cleaning company in Bristol.

1 – Choose an eco-friendly commercial cleaning company in Bristol

For a fact, not all cleaning companies follow proper waste management and use environment-friendly cleaning agents and chemicals. Require seeing their sets of cleaning methods, disposals and materials first just to be sure. Remember that this is not just about the environment but about your employees’ safety.

2 – Check insurance for window cleaners

Window cleaners should be protected by insurance under hazardous work guidelines. The extra expense, of course, is not always shouldered by companies. Only support cleaning companies that put their workers’ safety at the priority list because companies that truly care for their employees care for their clients.

3 – Decide what parts of the company need specialty and regular cleaning

Business premises need regular cleaning while high level windows, vending machines, carpets and air freshener units need specialty cleaning. Specialty cleaning is more expensive and requires technical know-how. By identifying what needs what, your business can save on expenses and can even make a special arrangement for cleaning services.

4 – Ask for free consultation

Free quotation is not enough. The cleaning company needs to see the actual area, facilities and nature of the business to accurately assess the type and extent of services to be done. This will also give you a more accurate estimation of service fees.

5 – Choose a cleaning company that sells janitorial supplies

Choice Cleaning Company, is one of the most trusted commercial cleaning company in Bristol, supplies janitorial materials aside from the janitorial services. Availing the products and services both from the same company will give you huge discounts. You will also receive higher satisfaction guarantee.

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