Bristol Cleaners: Tips to Keep the Different Areas of Your Office Clean

Bristol CleanersEven if your office hires third party Bristol cleaners that take care of keeping your workplace sanitized, individual employees must still do their share in maintaining the cleanliness in their respective areas and even in the rooms that they share. Having people assigned for the cleaning task does not mean that everyone else can be a slob. In fact, maintaining a neat environment must be a team effort in support of the cleaning services and for everyone’s comfort. To encourage this, the management can put up signs reminding people to clean after themselves or offer tips that will help employees keep the surrounding clean without putting aside their work. Here are some of these tips.

Office Pantry

The most common problem encountered here are sinks that are filled with dirty dishes. You have to remember that your office janitor has to clean the entire office space, so it may take some time for him to get to those dishes. As a result, the dirty plates, spoons, and glasses can pile up, making the pantry look like a mess. Do not tolerate this habit. Remind employees to clean their own dishes after use or they should at least place those dirty dishes in the washer, if you have one. Tabletops should also be wiped clean to avoid bacteria from thriving on those spilled food and beverages. As for the refrigerator, encourage your staff to remove expired and uneaten foods that may contribute to the bad smell. Doing so will also free up some usable space.

Individual Cubicles

Each cubicle should have a trash bin in the area so that employees need not leave their work just to throw away their trash. You can also invest on several organizers and filing cabinets for your employees then encourage them to divide their areas into zones, with respective storage areas for their various documents. When employees can maintain these habits, your Bristol cleaners only need to do regular sweeping and mopping on those individual cubicles, freeing up them time in able to attend to other areas in your office.

Comfort Rooms

Always flush after using the toilet and wipe the toilet seat so that the next user will not have to deal with any mess that you may have left behind. Afterwards, ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Again, wipe the sink to leave it dry. Another tip to keep proper hygiene in the workplace is to wash your hands regularly even if you did not use the rest room. You may have some coworkers that are carrying some virus with them and that can be very contagious. Keeping your hands clean will significantly lessen your chance of catching a cold or flu at work.

Conference Rooms

Meetings often include indulging in a cup of coffee or a light snack. Once you are done eating, take your dirty dishes with you to be cleaned at the pantry. Throw away food wrappers and wipe the table clean. Do not rely on your hired Bristol cleaners to clean after you all the time. They are supposed to clean the structure, furniture, and furnishings, not your individual mess.

If everyone in your office abide by these simple tips, keeping the workplace clean all the time will not be any trouble at all. These little habits will not even eat away much of your time and will give your cleaners a chance to attend to more important cleaning tasks. Again, maintaining cleanliness in the office must be everyone’s responsibility.

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