Cleaning in Food Industry: Tips from the Experts

Cleaning in food industry in the UK is extremely stringent, and as the owner of an establishment that serves or stocks food, you are expected to comply with tough hygiene standards. As well as all your members of staff who handle food having to pass health and safety exams, you need to ensure you keep your food establishment clean and ready to pass any on the spot inspection. Below are some tips to ensure that you keep your premise clean between industrial cleans that you order from your local commercial cleaners you can find when you visit

Within your kitchen, you need to have separate areas for food preparation and for storage, and raw and cooked foods should never come in contact with each other. This means ensuring that you have separate fridges for raw and cooked food, and that all food is sealed into airtight containers. Your fridges should be wiped down on a daily basis, and any spills should be removed immediately.

Controlling your rubbish bins is another vital key to keeping your food premise clean and hygienic. Asides emptying your rubbish bins every night, and cleaning any spills from your bins, it is important that your exterior bins are not right by the back door of your establishment. If you simply throw the garbage carelessly into a big skip, you can expect vermin to come crawling into your premise looking for food. Your skip should never be allowed to overflow so that the lid does not shut tightly, and any food scraps that are accidentally dropped on the floor should always be picked up and thrown into the rubbish. Vermin will always live around your rubbish, so the trick is to ensure that they stay there and don’t follow the trail of food you leave on the ground into the interior of your premise.

cleaning in food industry

At the end of the night, no matter how late it is, or how tired you are, you should always brush and mop your floors. This is not something that should be left till morning, even if you are expecting a visit from your cleaning team. A quick brush and mop, and ensuring that no food scraps are left in your dust pan will go a long way to ensuring you do not get any unwanted guests during the night.

The equipment you use in your kitchen should also be kept spotlessly clean. No wooden chopping boards should be allowed on your premise, and worktops should be made from a material such as stainless steel. Tea towels are also not allowed in cleaning in food industry, and disposable paper towel should be used instead. Sponges also harbour millions of germs, and if you insist on using cloths and sponges, they should be left to soak in disinfectant overnight.

These are just a few cleaning in food industry tips that you should take note of when running a premise that serves food. As well as adhering to these tips, an industrial clean once every six months from your commercial cleaning experts will ensure that your premise will be clean, not just on the surface, but deep down, and that it will be ready to pass any health and safety inspection.

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