Commercial and Industrial Cleaning for Hotels and B&Bs

Commercial and Industrial cleaning are often lumped together in the same sector. There is however a difference between commercial and industrial cleaning. What the two both have in common however is that they are different from domestic cleaning. When you run a business, you do not use a domestic cleaning company and will most likely a Bristol commercial cleaning company. But, when you run a hotel, you will need to extend this to a company that can provide industrial cleaning too. Read on to find out what areas are classified as commercial and what are industrial.

Commercial and Industrial Cleaning for the Exterior and Interior of your Hotel or B&B

Running a hotel or bed and breakfast is exhausting. The last thing you should be worried about is your place looking dilapidated or dirty. This is why you need to employ a cleaning team that can handle industrial and well as commercial cleaning. Let’s start from the outside of your property.

Industrial cleaning can be used to get oil stains off your parking lot. It can be used to jet wash walls and paintwork, and to get rid of unsightly graffiti. A well-equipped cleaning company will also be able to take care of your garden, your tennis courts, your swimming pool, and anything else you may have outdoors. Perhaps your swimming pool or Jacuzzi is indoors. Of course, this is not a problem!

commercial and industrial cleaning

Working our way inside, the first area people will see if your reception area. Here, carpets needs to be cleaned with industrial strength machines regularly to get rid of stains. Any upholstery in this area should also be cleaned by your Bristol commercial cleaning team. Next come the bedrooms, bathrooms, lounge and dining areas. All of these need to be spotless. A reputable company will even be able to help you get rid of vermin and bed bugs.

Your Industrial Kitchen

In a busy hotel, or even in a smaller sized property, the kitchen will be a busy place. If you regularly serve fried food, then your kitchen will quickly get greasy and grimy. A degreaser you buy from a store will cut through grease, but it will take hours to get just one wall clean. When you leave the job to your industrial cleaning in Bristol expert, your kitchen can be cleaned from top to bottom in just hours.

Health and Safety should be paramount when you run a business in the hospitality industry. One or two negative reviews on the likes of Trip Advisor could set your reputation tumbling down. So, let Choice Cleaning get to work on all areas of your hotel. We can provide both commercial and industrial cleaning services as well as one-off deep cleans. We can keep your office free from clutter, your carpets spotless, your window shiny, and much more. If you want the brightest and cleanest bedrooms, bathrooms, and reception rooms, contact us today. We are a small and friendly company with big ideas of cleanliness for Bristol and Somerset.

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