Commercial Industrial Cleaning : For Larger Commercial Premises

As the owner of a business, you will need to employ a cleaning team. The type of cleaner you employ will depend on many variables. One mistake you should never make however is employing a domestic cleaner for a commercial premise. Domestic cleaners are not trained to clean commercial industrial environments. So, let’s say you have a large commercial premise? Do you need commercial or industrial cleaners, or perhaps commercial industrial cleaning?

commercial industrial cleaning

Commercial Industrial Cleaning : For large Premises

Commercial cleaners are generally employed for office blocks and commercial units. Industrial cleaners however may be employed for a wide variety of situations, some common, and some rare. For example, a submarine cleaner or a cleaner of a nuclear decommissioning plant would be classed as an industrial cleaner. But, if you have a large commercial premise, you may need the services of a commercial industrial cleaning team.

The difference between a commercial and an industrial cleaner here is somewhat blurred. If you have a large commercial premise, the type of cleaning duties you require will be the same as smaller one, just on a larger scale. But, the capabilities of a commercial cleaning team may be somewhat limited. For example, if you require the exterior of your premise to be cleaned a commercial cleaning team may not have the industrial strength equipment required.

Food Preparation Premises

One area where you will require industrial strength cleaning, regardless of the size of your operations, is when food is handled on your premise. This could be a factory floor, or it could be the kitchen of a hotel. At the end of a busy day cooking and preparing food for the masses, your industrial kitchen in your commercial premise will look worse for wear. Your commercial industrial cleaning team can however get it looking back to its original state in no time at all. Industrial strength equipment will be used to power wash large equipment and to get rid of the dirt and grease that has built up over the day.

Trying to clean your own industrial kitchen would take far too long. Nor should you employ a standard cleaning company for the job. Industrial sized equipment requires industrial strength cleaning. This is where you will notice the difference between commercial and industrial cleaners. Many commercial cleaners are only used to cleaning offices, and they will not have the industrial strength equipment to hand that you need.

Employing your Cleaning Team

When you own a large premise that needs the help of industrial cleaning experts to keep clean, it is important that you employ a team of cleaners that are up to the job. When vetting companies, ensure that they have the necessary experience as well as the necessary equipment required. Heavy duty cleaning equipment will make light work of the dirt and grime in your premise. From floors to machinery and external walls, all areas of your industrial commercial premise need to be kept clean.

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