Head Office Cleaning Services Essential to Fighting Allergies

Head office cleaning services offer more than just aesthetic value; for allergy sufferers, they can be nothing short of a godsend. For many people in the UK, allergies are more than a mere nuisance; indeed, they can cause serious impairment, and therefore impact on-the-performance greatly. If you’re not an allergy sufferer yourself, take a moment to imagine what it would be like to work day in and day out with a severe head cold—pausing frequently as you type to blow your nose, blinking through watery eyes while reading emails, and overall wishing you were at home curled up in bed. Naturally, you would be unlikely to do your best work if faced with such a situation. To learn about how your local Bristol experts can help you with your head office cleaning, visit https://www.choicecleaning.co.uk.

How Head Office Cleaning Services Make a Difference

When considering why the frequent use of head office cleaning services can help to alleviate workplace allergies, it’s best to start with the source of the allergies themselves. The office environment is not inherently allergenic; instead, many allergens, like pollen and pet dander, travel in on clothing and handbags owing to their airborne nature, and further movements (brushing one’s hair, for example, or setting down a handbag on the carpet) either propel them back into the air or directly transfer them onto a surface.

Once introduced to the office environment, dust and pollen are circulated throughout the building, as office buildings possess ventilation systems which are ideally suited to this purpose. They then accumulate on desks, paperwork, office equipment, and artificial plants, while also becoming deeply ground into carpeting and upholstery with every passing footfall. (Food allergens have a similar tendency to travel, particularly gluten, as bread, cookie, and cracker crumbs are often brushed off clothing, landing in the carpet below.)

head office cleaning services

Without stemming the flow of human traffic into the building, there is no way to prevent this steady stream of allergens from entering one’s place of business—all one can do is treat it. Head office cleaning services provided by a professional cleaning company, at least once per week, are therefore essential.

Commercial cleaners use high-powered vacuums and hot water extraction cleaners to deeply clean both carpets and upholstery, removing over 90 per cent of all allergens present. They also dust thoroughly, mop floor surfaces, disinfect kitchens and bathrooms (which is key to preventing workplace-related illness, as ventilation systems just as easily spread germs as they do allergens), and in general, go above and beyond to restore your head office to “like new” condition each week.

As a final note, if possible, when selecting a commercial cleaning service, look for a company which provides green cleaning options in addition to conventional ones. Many people are sensitive to the harsh chemicals found in conventional cleaners, and exposure to airborne toxins has also been shown to raise the risk of asthma in the workplace.

Fortunately, many green cleaning methods are just as effective as traditional ones; ask your cleaning company about which cleaning practices can be safely swapped for an environmentally-friendly alternative.


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