Janitorial Office Cleaning : Green Cleaning Supplies

Janitorial office cleaning includes areas that are communal such as corridors, lifts, hallways, and reception areas in a shared office block. No janitor is complete without his cupboard of supplies. You may remember your school janitor when you were young, or perhaps you have once lived in a block of flats where a janitor cleaned the stairwells.

If you are the owner of an office block that has communal areas and a janitor, it’s time to go green with your cleaning supplies. Old fashioned cleaning supplies are both harmful to the environment and not as good at cleaning as some of the most modern and natural cleaning solutions. So, what do you need to get rid of out of your janitor’s cupboard, and what can you replace with environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Janitorial Office Cleaning : Cloths, Mops, and Much More

Janitorial office cleaning

A well-stocked janitor’s cupboard will have mops and cloths for every occasion. But, are the mops you supply your janitor with eco-friendly? Mops need to be frequently changed, as do cloths. So, it’s time to get rid of all your old-fashioned supplies and to replace them with green alternatives. When shopping in the supermarket you will notice how many different types of cloth are available that are a far cry from the dishcloth you were familiar with before. Microfiber cloths are now the norm, and old dishcloths that you soaked in bleach should be thrown away.

Asides newer cloths and mops that are eco-friendly, you need to also look at the types of cleaning products your janitor has. Although industrial strength cleaners have a place in your cupboard, on the whole, harsh chemicals should be replaced by greener alternatives. Every time you flush away a mop bucket with chemical residue in it, you are harming the flora and fauna below ground.

Green cleaning supplies can include eco-friendly alternatives to chemical products for floors and all-purpose cleaning as well as naturally made products for cleaning. There are hundreds of uses for white wine vinegar you may never have heard of before. Vinegar and baking soda are excellent cleaners that are natural and that won’t harm the environment. So is lemon juice, something that you can find in any well-stocked pantry.

Final Note

Janitorial office cleaning should never mean bleach, harsh chemicals, and old style mops and buckets. There are green alternatives available for virtually all cleaning products nowadays. The good news is that green cleaning products are no longer more expensive than chemical ones. It doesn’t cost money to go green, and the impact your office has on the environment will be drastically reduced.

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