How Professional Cleaners in Bristol Find New Customers

If you are in the midst of starting a business in the industry of professional cleaners in Bristol, you may want to understand how you go about locating new customers. Starting a new business is only the first step in the process. A business will go nowhere if you don’t have customers. Here are just some of the ways to get new customers for your cleaning business.

 Finding New Customers by Networking

cleaners in bristolNetworking is one of the most crucial parts of obtaining new customers for your business. It is important for you to understand, however, that networking will not always give you immediate results. The key to networking is to create relationships first, which does take some time to do.

 Finding New Customers by Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the best ways to find local customers in your area. Many professional cleaners in Bristol build their business through direct mail advertising. In order to be successful with direct mail, you will need to construct a good sales letter that is enticing to customers. In addition to a sales letter, you will also need an attractive flyer that offers special offers to your potential customers.

 Using Newspapers to Locate New Customers

There are two ways that you can use newspapers to attract new clients: display ads and classified ads.

With display ads, you basically create ads of various sizes that are placed in different sections of the newspaper. You can choose from ads that are black and white, one color or full color. Also, you can choose to have your ads be a combination of pictures and text or just an ad that is only text. In order for your ad to be effective, you need to ensure that you have all the essential elements in the ad including company name, a catchy tag-line, your company logo, a short text and contact phone number, website and email.

For cleaners in Bristol, classified ads are a common way to attract new customers to their business. This option is less costly than display ads because of the fact that you have your ad listed with other advertisers whereas display ads are throughout the newspaper.

 Utilizing Restaurant Placemats to Find New Customers

What better way to attract new customers than with restaurant placements? Most restaurant patrons need something to do while waiting for their meals so these placemats are an ideal way for them to pass the time.

 Locating New Customers Using Church Bulletins

You will find some professional cleaners in Bristol that make use of church bulletins to attract new business. The cost is fairly reasonable and it does get read by a sizable audience so it may be something to consider. This is especially true with various congregations that have a good size number of people. Also, people that belong to a specific church, usually end up supporting the advertisers that are part of their church bulletin.

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