5 Common Problems Window Cleaners Bristol Might See That You Don’t

A major part of having a successful business is maintaining a space that employees and customers like to visit. If the employee is happy, they will tend to be more productive, while customers will be more willing to return to a place that is clean and easy to navigate. There are a number of ways to make that happen, and keeping the windows clean is one that many forget about. You can truly brighten up a space if you hire professional window cleaners Bristol such as those found at www.choicecleaning.co.uk/window-cleaning-bristol/, and you may also save yourself some money in repairs if the window cleaner spots one of these common problems:

1. Damaged frames and and/or hardware – Many people look at the window frame as being nothing more than a decorative piece. While it’s true that most frames are aesthetically pleasing, they also serve as a pretty solid support system for your window panes. Since cleaners generally look after the frames, too, they can make you aware of potential issues. The same applies to the locks and hardware on your windows. Damage there could mean being unable to properly open and close your windows.

2. Drafts – Professional window cleaners Bristol will be up close and personal to your glass and will see just how well the weather stripping is holding up. This can be damaged by the elements, leading to drafts and the possibility of rain getting inside your building and causing damage. The quicker you get this problem fixed the better.

window cleaners Bristol

3. Security – We somewhat touched on the hardware on your windows in the first part of this piece. While your main concern with damaged hardware may be the ability to open and close your windows, you also have to think about the potential security issues that could come from such a problem. Thieves are always looking for weak spots in the places they really want to get into. If you have windows that have damaged or broken locks, you can bet that is something that a burglar will definitely try to exploit.

4. Cracked or broken glass – This has the potential to be another security issue, as cracks and breaks in the glass make it a whole lot easier for unscrupulous types to gain access to your property. Smaller cracks may be able to be repaired if they are caught early enough, but if they are allowed to spread, you could be left with costly total pane replacements that can make a big dent in your maintenance budget. As your window cleaner Bristol to be on the lookout for cracks and issues that may lead to bigger problems.

5. Screen issues – Many business now have screens on their windows and doors, with many of them placed there for decorative purposes. A torn screen or a damaged frame can hurt the look of the overall piece, which in turn makes the business look shabby. The window cleaner generally has to remove these screens to get to the glass for cleaning, so ask him to keep an eye open for potential problems.

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