Window Cleaning in Bristol: Caring for Tinted Windows

Window Cleaning in Bristol

Window cleaning in Bristol may sound like an easy job. Many believe that they only need a bucket of soapy water and a cloth to do this. This is not exactly the case. Ordinary soap may not be able to remove hardened grime while using strong chemicals can damage the surface of the glass. On top of that, proper technique is also required in wiping the windows dry or else you will end up with windows that are full of streaks, which make them look dirty. The task even becomes more challenging if you are dealing with tinted windows. A mistake can cause the film to peel off, leaving patches of untinted area on the glass surface. As a result, your windows will look like they are in a sorry state even if they were newly installed.

Now, many of you may be questioning why you have to tint your office your windows if doing so will only entail special care. The truth is the benefits of tinted windows cannot be underestimated. They help block out the heat from the sun, thus lowering your cooling costs. Since the amount of UV rays that goes through the interior of your office is regulated, it can also prevent early fading of furniture and paint. Besides, caring for tinted windows is not really that difficult if you learn the basics.

The first thing to remember when window cleaning in Bristol is to choose the right cleaning reagents. For tinted windows, avoid ammonia-based products because they can damage the film and make them peel. Second, use a soft piece of cloth or sponge. Be very careful when choosing your sponge, as some can be abrasive and produce scratches on the film. The safest choice would be cotton cloths or a chammy. Scrub the surface of the window with the mild cleaning reagent that you have chosen using the cloth. If there is hardened dirt, use a window scraper to remove it. Never use a razor or a knife for this as they can damage the film that was used for the tint. In case the hardened dirt is hard to scrape off, wet the area with your cloth and cleaning reagent again to soften the grime then try scraping it again. After this step, give the window another scrubbing before drying it with the use of a squeegee. When drying the windows, use one direction to avoid creating streaks or other marks. The best technique is to move from left to right, top to bottom.

These steps may sound easy now that they have been explained properly. However, you can encounter a problem if your office is situated on the upper floors of a building. In this case, it is most recommended that you hire a company that specialises on window cleaning in Bristol. They have the proper equipment and gear to clean your windows’ outside surface, and they have well-trained cleaners too. You do not have to worry if they can handle the job because they know exactly what to use for those tinted windows to make them look clean and to make them last longer to protect your investment.

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