Office Cleaning Rates : How to Keep your Cleaning Bill Down

Office cleaning rates quotes by large companies can put a big dent in your budget. As a small office owner, you won’t be able to afford to pay high prices on cleaning. This does not mean however that you can avoid paying a cleaner. A dirty office creates a bad work atmosphere, and it will also put off any clients who visit you. The trick is finding a local office cleaning Bristol Company who are flexible, and who provide a high quality service at a price you can afford. Below are some tips from Choice Cleaning Company in Bristol.

Office Cleaning Rates : Stay Local

The best office cleaning rates are offered by local companies. But, be careful to employ a registered and reputable company like Choice Cleaning. There are plenty of non-legal companies advertising their services. Avoid these companies as they will not be insured and the service they provide will not be of the highest standard. If you see a company offering much lower rates than the rest, it is best to avoid. When employing a local company, always check their reviews, and ask for references.

Office Cleaning Rates : Keeping your Office Cleaning Between Cleans

One way to keep down the cost of your office cleaning rates is to do some basic cleaning yourself. If you run a quiet office, you will probably only require a professional clean on a weekly basis. This does not mean that between cleans you do nothing however! Your waste paper bins should be emptied every day, and your work stations should be kept tidy and free from clutter.

office cleaning rates

At the end of your working day, ensure that you and all your staff members clean their own personal work space. Wash up cups in your communal kitchen, and have a quick wipe round in your bathrooms and communal areas. If your office has a reception area, make sure this is always kept spotless. It is the first area your clients will see when they visit you and it will leave a lasting impression.

Brushing the floor is something that only takes minutes and that can be done last thing before you leave or first thing in the morning. Any stains on your floors should be mopped, and this should be done as soon as you see them. If you spill coffee on the floor, do not leave the stain there for days or until your office cleaning team in Bristol is due to visit you.

Office cleaning rates do not need to be high. When you choose an office cleaning Bristol and beyond service from Choice Cleaning we can help you decide what areas you need cleaning and how often. We recommend that your windows are also cleaned on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. We can provide you with a flexible cleaning service, adding additional cleans where necessary. Carpets and upholstery should be deep cleaned and this is something we recommend should be done at least once every six months.

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