How to tell if your commercial cleaners are doing a good job

Local Office CleanersHiring a commercial cleaner is the best way to make sure that your office or workplace is presentable and hygienic, but how can you be sure that they’re worth the money you’re paying them? There are obvious clues such as a fresh smell and a clean floor, but are they cutting corners in places that aren’t so obvious to the naked eye? Here’s how to tell.

Cleaning standards. A professional office cleaner should be making sure your office is sparkling clean every time they visit. Check in out of the way areas for dust bunnies and look underneath items that are kept on desk or kitchen surfaces to check they are doing a thorough job. If you notice that cleaning standards are slipping over time, or feel that they were never up to scratch to begin with, it’s time to rethink.

Time management. Are your cleaners arriving within the agreed time frame or are they often late? Do they complete all of the tasks that they agreed to do or do they leave things undone? Do they complete the job to a high enough standard within the allotted time frame? Do you have an agreement about what will happen when your cleaner goes on holiday? All of these questions need to be answered.

Well equipped. Do your cleaners have everything they need to do a good job when they turn up at your business? Do they have the products and equipment they agreed they would use when you hired them? This is particularly important to look into if you have hired a ‘green’ commercial cleaner, as they may be using non-eco products either by accident or design. If you agreed on a particular type of product, make sure those products are still being used.

A good relationship. A professional office cleaning company will go out of their way to develop a good relationship with you. They should be easy to contact via phone or email and you should feel confident that any issues or queries you have will be easily resolved. The people who come and clean your workplace should be friendly and approachable, and have been trained to a high standard. Most importantly, you should trust that an excellent job is going to be done every time.

If your office cleaners are falling below par, it’s time to consider hiring a new company. You wouldn’t accept a bad job in any other area of your business, so you shouldn’t accept it from your commercial cleaner.

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