The top 5 dangers of ignoring a dirty workplace

Local Office CleanersAll organisations have an eye on their profit margin and want to save money wherever possible. Office cleaning is often viewed as an ‘extra’; an unnecessary expense that can either be cut completely or turned over to staff to deal with. However, the impact of a dirty workplace can mean that the money saved in the short term is less than is lost in the long term, making it a false economy. Hiring commercial cleaners is crucial to maintaining a safe and productive workplace. Need convincing? Here are the top five dangers of a dirty workplace.

Germs and bacteria

Lazy or hasty cleaning leads to the increased growth of germs and harmful bacteria, which can thrive throughout the working environment, including desktops, keyboards, door handles, taps, cutlery, cups and a variety of other surfaces. Without regular cleaning with antibacterial products diseases such as colds, flu and gastroenteritis can easily spread, leading to sick days for staff and low productivity.


Excessive moisture causes mould to accumulate, and is often caused by spillages that haven’t been properly cleaned up. The kitchen and toilet are the main places that mould grows, and it causes many health hazards, including skin irritation, wheezing and allergic reactions. Mould can be prevented by ensuring that kitchens and toilets are properly cleaned and wiped dry.


The presence of clutter in an office can be a potential health hazard to staff due to tripping, falling and other injuries, which can lead to all sorts of problems from sick leave to visits from a health and safety inspector. It also poses a danger in terms of obscuring or blocking fire exits, which could be fatal. A commercial cleaning company can help to clear clutter and make sure your workplace is safe.

Low staff morale

A dirty office isn’t a pleasant place to work, which will quickly lead to unhappy, unproductive and unmotivated staff. If your office isn’t regularly cleaned, a negative atmosphere will soon develop, which will quickly affect your business as a whole. If you show you care about your staff, they will care about their jobs and your business will thrive.

Bad impressions

If you have clients or customers visiting your office, a dirty and untidy environment will reflect very badly on your organisation, as it gives the impression that you don’t care about your business and thus will do a bad job. A sparkling clean workplace is inviting and comfortable, and will let people know you’re passionate about every aspect of your company.

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