Quality Cleaning Supplies from a Reliable Commercial Cleaning Company

Bristol Cleaning Supplies

Quality, Dependable Cleaning Supplies and Equipment from a Reliable Commercial Cleaning Company

Rarely can you find cleaning/toilet supplies sold at the supermarkets in bulk to be able to provide you enough stock and enable you to save money. This issue is all the more relevant to businesses and commercial establishments who need the most practical solution to their janitorial and/or maintenance needs.

On the other hand, you can order quality, dependable cleaning/toilet supplies from a professional cleaning company itself that offers all types of commercial cleaning supplies and services.

At Choice Cleaning Bristol UK, you can get a range of low-cost, high-quality supplies (and even access to equipment) you can use in keeping your space, toilets, or offices clean and well-maintained. Listed below are just some of their cleaning supplies available for ordering:

www.Choicecleaning.co.uk Commercial Cleaning Supplies:

  • Bio degradable sacks
  • Black refuse sacks
  • White trash bin liners
  • Lavette hygiene cloths (Blue)
  • Lavette hygiene cloths (Red)
  • Standard threshold mats
  • Green hand towel, C-fold
  • White hand towel, Z-fold
  • C/Z fold towel dispensers*
  • Centre-feed towel dispensers*
  • Centre-feed rolls (Blue)
  • Centre-feed rolls (White)
  • Domestic toilet papers
  • Mini T toilet papers
  • Mini T toilet paper roll dispensers*
  • Feminine hygiene bins
  • Bulk-fill soap dispensers*
  • Pearlized hand soaps
  • Fragrance unit

(*) Choice Cleaning, UK offers both supply-only and supply and fitting services on these asterisked items.

Janitorial Supplies and Equipment

If your company needs any specialised cleaning equipment like cherry pickers for reaching and cleaning at height, then you can also contact Choice Cleaners’ Bristol or North Somerset office.

Take note that some cleaning equipment require a licence to operate but sure enough, you can always hire a professional cleaning service like Choice Cleaners to get the job instantly done for you.

Only a company that has years of experience in the commercial cleaning service and supply industry can give you the highest standards in both affordable and efficient cleaning assistance and supplies or equipment. Would you trust one for your company or business?

Contact us now for your free cleaning supplies quotation. We provide a full range of cleaning services throughout Bristol and Somerset.

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