How to Stay Safe While Cleaning Windows

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Irrespective of the nature of your business, a well maintained property is essential for creating that vital first impression on all those who walk into your premises. Smudged, stained or dirty windows on commercial properties, buildings, malls or restaurants are the unfortunately one of the first things prospective clients notice. An important yet extremely risky task in the job of building maintenance is the cleaning of windows on multi-storied buildings. With the number of fatalities from window cleaning at relatively high levels compared to other professions, it is important for everyone to be acquainted with the latest safety measures.

Firstly, the cleaning company or contractor must ensure that the cleaning and safety equipment meet all the standards set by the regulatory authority of that state or country. Only proficient workers with the knowledge of all types of window cleaning equipment and methods should be allocated the task. A proper inspection of the work site, equipment and the prevalent safety measures needs to be done before the task is undertaken.

In order to minimize risks, try avoiding ladders wherever possible. Use water on a need-only basis; this will help prevent wastage as well as minimize risk of accidents caused by wet, slippery surfaces. Instead of using a bucket to carry the cleaning solution, use a spray bottle as it is more convenient to use and carry around. Use a detachable plastic bag to carry the mop, squeegee blade and other equipment. This way you can avoid going back and forth saving time. If you are looking for an eco-friendly chemical-free cleaning solution, with paper towels, use microfibre cloth.

Knowledge of chemicals and their reaction on window surfaces is a prerequisite. Abrasives can damage the window glass and frames, acid cleaners and ammonia can cause discolouration of the glass. Avoid using metals to scrape out the dirt from windows when they are dry. Also protective clothing and gloves need to be worn to shield from injuries that are caused by acids and abrasives. Water-fed-poles (WFP) are the latest ranges of equipment used to clean windows. It is quicker and easier to use these but the cleaner should be careful not to get any water into tiny air vents above the glass. If the WFP is used with a hose, safety signs must be used to indicate places that are wet and slippery.

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In case of domestic or residential cleaning, think twice before undertaking to do the tasks yourself as it could prove costly if proper methods and adequate safety measures are not employed. If you’re looking for window cleaning Bristol, the best way to get it done is by hiring professional window cleaners. They have the necessary safety gear and equipment to clean all types of window surfaces. This way the job can be done much faster and will make the regular maintenance easier.

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