The importance of cleaning office windows

Local Office CleanersWhen considering the factors that make up a successful business, having clean windows in your office or premises probably isn’t something that immediately springs to mind. As windows are part of a building’s exterior, as well as its interior, they are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning, especially if you have a lo of large windows and aren’t sure how to tackle them. However, not keeping your windows clean and in good condition can damage your business and reputation. Here are three reasons why having clean windows can make such a difference.

First impressions

Making a good first impression is very important, and the windows are often the first things someone visiting your business sees, especially if you have a shop front. Having dusty, dirty or smeary windows suggests that you don’t really care about your business and therefore might not care about your customers. Having clean and shining windows shows people that you take pride in your business, which has the knock on effect of demonstrating to customers that they are going to get a great service from you.


If you allow dirt and grime to build up in your office it can contribute to a decline in the health of your staff, and your windows are no exception. Windows that are often covered in condensation can become mouldy which can lead to breathing problems for people who have asthma and other respiratory illnesses. It is probably also the case that if your windows aren’t clean, other areas of your office aren’t clean, all of which is bad for you and your colleagues.

Expensive damage

Condensation not only leads to mould, but seeps into wooden frames and brick surrounds, which causes damage and leads to your windows needing to be replaced. Dust and dirt accumulating at the bottom and edges of a pane of glass may also affect the insulation, ultimately leading to expensive repairs. Cleaning your windows on a regular basis helps to stop these problems from occurring.

Staff morale

Being exposed to plenty of natural light will make sure the morale of your staff is kept high, which in turns leads to increased productivity for your business. A lack of natural light can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or ‘winter depression’, meaning its in your best interests to keep your windows bright and shining at all times. Hiring a commercial window cleaner to clean your windows on a regular basis takes the problem out of your hands and ensures that they are buffed and polished to a professional standard every time.

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