The potential dangers of an untidy workplace

Local Office CleanersWhether you work in a tiny office with a couple of people or have hundreds of colleagues spread over several floors, it’s easy to neglect to keep your workplace clean and tidy. Ignoring a build up of clutter can lead not only to dirt, grime and general unpleasantness, but also to some serious health hazards. Here are five dangers of having an untidy workplace.

Trips and falls

Having lots of clutter around your office not only suggests a lazy and unprofessional work ethic, but can also cause trip hazards for employees. Clumsily placed coats, bags and boxes are easy to fall over, which can lead to injuries and time off work. Obstructions at the top of stairs are particularly dangerous, as falling down a flight of steps can lead to very serious injuries.


Having piles of paper or cardboard lying around causes a fire risk, especially if it is located near electrical items such as photocopiers and computers. What’s more, clutter can block fire exits, which is illegal due to the dangers caused. Getting rid of clutter will make your workplace a lot safer.

Contagious illnesses

Having an untidy kitchen full of unwashed crockery and mouldy food encourages bacteria and germs to grow and spread. An untidy kitchen is also impossible to clean properly meaning illnesses passed through touch will quickly be spread through your employees.

Chemical hazards

If your work kitchen or bathroom cupboard is full of incorrectly stored cleaning products, your staff are in danger of touching or ingesting harmful products. Hiring a commercial cleaner who is trained in the correct use, handling and storage of dangerous chemicals not only means that your office will be sparkling clean, but that your cleaning products are safely stored and not posing a hazard to colleagues.

Low morale

A dirty and untidy office is an unpleasant place to work and causes people to feel like they aren’t valuable, which in terms promotes low morale and effects productivity. Having a clean, tidy and pleasant environment, on the other hand, keeps your staff happy, motivated and glad to come into work every day. Open plan offices are the norm nowadays, but they do showcase any staff with untidy or unclean habits. Make sure all of your staff appreciate the ways in which their actions can contribute to a negative atmosphere, and the importance of cleaning up after themselves.

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