Good hygiene practices to uphold in the workplace

Local Office CleanersWith so many people sharing one place, and often no one feeling responsible for cleaning it, it’s easy for offices and other workplaces to quickly become dirty, messy and unhygienic. Even if you do have a commercial cleaner or janitor, keeping on top of hygiene at all times helps to create a pleasant environment to work in. Here are five ways you can keep your office bacteria and germ-free.

Eat away from the desk

Eating at your desk seems to have become part of office culture, but it isn’t very hygienic. Shared office equipment can often be dirty, which means germs can be passed to the food you are eating ingested. There is also the problem of dropping crumbs in hard to clean places like keyboards, which go mouldy and accelerate the growth of harmful bacteria. Eating in a designated place away from your desk is better for your health.

Change kitchen dishcloths regularly

Sponges and dishcloths are a haven for bacteria, with the warm and wet conditions providing the perfect place for a whole host of germs to grow. Both sponges and dishcloths should be washed in the washing machine on a high heat on a regular basis to combat germs, and ideally replaced altogether on a monthly basis.

Wash tea towels often

Research has found that tea towels carry all sorts of germs, including those that cause food poisoning, especially if they’re used for wiping utensils and surfaces as well as drying hands. It is recommended that home tea towels are washed once a week, but office tea towels should be washed even more regularly as they are used by more people. Again, they should be washed in the machine on a hot wash cycle and if possible tumble dried.

Use paper towels in the bathroom

Bathroom hand towels harbour a similar amount of bacteria to tea towels, if not more due to their proximity to feaces. When the towels become warm and moist, bacteria will thrive and be easily spread around the workplace. Single use paper towels greatly decrease the chance of bacteria being passed between people.

Provide anti-bacterial hand gel in strategic places

Due to the high volume of people that go through an office or workplace, including staff, members of the public and delivery drivers, harmful bacteria is easily spread around through touching things, such as pens, door handles, taps and toilet flushes. Offering anti-bacterial hand gel at strategic points, such as bathrooms, kitchens and exits, can stop the spread of disease in its tracks.

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